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Thursday, February 22, 2024
Call: 917.596.1917
Call: 917.596.1917

Specialist in Post Formation Transactions for Private Equity, Alternative Investments, and Hedge Funds

Advertising and Marketing Law for Traditional and Digital Agencies

Streamlining the Operations of Existing Businesses

Our Practice

Funds, Private Equity and Alternative Investments

The practice supports post formation agreements for private equity, alternative investment companies and hedge funds

Traditional Advertising & Digital Marketing

has serviced independent advertising agencies and digital marketing firms on issues across all media

General Corporate Matters

Providing effective and efficient legal advice and services with respect to an array of corporate matters to both established and entrepreneurial clientele

Intellectual Property

Representing companies that create, distribute and market technology products and services and the companies that purchase these goods and services

  • Laurence Beckler

    Mr. Beckler is the founder of the company. He began to practice law actively after spending a number of years in a dual role as a trader and lawyer at various multinational banks

    Currently, Mr. Beckler regularly represents entrepreneurs in all aspects of corporate formation including setting up the proper corporate structure and negotiating leases, employment and vendor contracts, confidentiality agreements,and financing documents.

    The Law Office of Laurence Beckler PLLC
    adheres to its own standards of Business Practices:





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What Our Clients Say

  • Larry is as good as the white shoe firms but much more reasonably priced!
  • Larry helped me negotiate an important employment contract. He was timely, thorough and (most importantly), a true pleasure to work with

  • For over seven years, Larry has provided Hutchin Hill Capital, LP with reliable, accurate and timely legal services for the firm's legal needs. He is courteous, engaging and knowledgeable, and has helped manage many of our vendor agreements (north of 250 agreements) including but not limited to licenses, subscription agreements, research agreements and NDAs. Larry also has experience working on international exchange agreements and tri-party escrow agreements. Larry has also assisted the firm with its move into our current office space and with opening branch offices in Boston, San Francisco, Hong Kong and London. Larry understands Hutchin Hill Capital, LP's desire to be protected and discreet, and Larry has found a way to help HH execute transactions with those principles in mind. Larry is very reasonably priced, and I am glad to provide him with this testimonial in addition to any reference a firm may desire.
  • Larry is a terrific attorney. He's extremely thorough and knowledgeable about advertising law, contracts, business formation and trademarks. We turned to the 4As for a referral to an attorney with expertise in advertising law. They recommended Larry. One of the first things we asked him to do was to rewrite our agency of record agreement. The first client we gave that agreement to had their attorney and five other people approve it without a single word change!!! That was truly a first for us. I recommend Larry Beckler highly.

  • We love working with Larry. It's as though he is a part of the company. He makes sure he is always available, is a great listener and offers very well thought out advise. We wouldn't make a big decision without him.

  • We remain delighted by the attentiveness and attention to detail that Larry has provided to Out of the Blue Enterprises, LLC over the past few years. Not only has he demonstrated an ability to promote the interests of our company as a skilled negotiator, but he has also provided out of the box solutions to complicated issues that have been of benefit to Out of the Blue Enterprises, LLC and its licensees and vendors.

  • Starting a business is a stressful and time-consuming leap of faith. Larry provided me with valuable and consistent advice throughout this process. Not only have I been provided with excellent trademark and legal consultation but Larry possesses genuine interest in my endeavors that seems so remote in modern business dealings. In addition to Larry's sound legal advice, he has been a true business partner introducing me to several other qualified resources to help me grow my business.

  • Larry is truly an anomaly: an attorney with entrepreneurial instincts and a passion for making deals happen. He's a facilitator not a terminator and his enthusiasm is only matched by his knowledge, experience and expertise.

  • Larry provided solid pragmatic solutions to our needs ranging from real estate to corporate matters to client contracts. Quick turn round and substantial contributions to every matter he got involved in.

  • Larry has served as our lead legal council for the last eight years and counting. He has been instrumental in our Agency's growth, not only as a legal advisor but also always thinking about how our business can improve more efficiently with our brand partners to benefit both parties. I not only consider him a top notch lawyer who takes the bureaucracy out of the picture but also a skillful strategic thinker who just gets it.